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Department of Industrial and Civil Engineering is a basic exhaust department that trains specialists in the areas of 6.060101 "Construction", 7.06010101, 8.00610101 "Industrial and civil construction" and is a structural unit of the Institute building, power engineering and gas supply Vinnytsia National Technical University.

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Growing need for expertise in the construction industry characterized by the fact that for the past 5 years, all graduates were employed. Requests for graduates coming from enterprises and firms of different ownership, which is maintained constant communication. This is mainly domestic enterprises of the construction industry, which placed in the Vinnytsia and neighboring areas.

The department has 12 teachers, including 2 professors, Ph.D., 7 associate professors, Ph.D. Among the teachers of the department 5 Corresponding Member of the Academy of Ukraine: Popovich M., Siyanov O., Wojciechowskiy A., Bayda D., Andrukhov V. 3 teacher are members of Ukrainian society of soil mechanics, geotechnics and foundation: Morhun A., Maevska I., Blashchuk N.

Now headed by Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor

Staff of department "Industrial and civil construction"

Purposefully working to provide methodological training courses and instructional-methodical literature. Research and teaching staff of the department prepared and published a large number of textbooks, manuals and guidelines.

Much attention is given to the department computer training specialists. Established a program of through computer training of students updated database of computer technology, constantly updated software computer class. The result is a performance by students of course and diploma projects using computers, increasing demand for graduates of the department from design organizations through computer literacy graduates.

In 2003, the department started working with master distance learning. The first stage of this work is to create a digital library of training and educational materials on the subjects assigned to the department.

The training process is widely used active learning and knowledge control using module-rating system for individual control and conducts of business games, test, solve production problems. Students of "Industrial and civil construction" regularly participate in contests and competitions in the specialty. Annually intra-university competition on theoretical and structural mechanics, the specialty of industrial and civil construction. Winners of the competition are sent to nationwide competitions and contests.

Growing need for expertise in the construction industry characterized by the fact that for the past 5 years, all graduates of industrial and civil construction were employed. Requests for graduates coming from businesses and companies of different ownership, which is maintained constant communication.

Posts that can hold graduates of the specialty 7.06010101:

  • Engineer in Civil Engineering;
  • Engineer of production management;
  • Design Engineers;
  • Engineer Building Regulations;
  • Design Engineer;
  • Engineer of the organization, operation and maintenance;
  • Engineer Laboratory;
  • Dokumentoved.

At present, the specialty "Industrial and civil construction" trained 355 students, including 168 on part-time basis. Some students study on a contract basis. Chair of ICB is involved in the production of specialists in "Heat and Ventilation" and in "urban constructions i economy". The department is preparing professionals to obtain a second higher education on a specialty "Industrial and civil construction."

The department are read the basic training courses for specialist builder:
  • Building mechanics.
  • Engineering geology.
  • Building construction.
  • Building structures for special purposes.
  • Structures of wood and plastic.
  • Metal structures.
  • Reinforced concrete design.
  • Soil Mechanics.
  • Basics and foundations of buildings.
  • Reconstruction of buildings.
  • Modeling designs using CAD.

In 1996 he issued the first masters in 8.09210102. Total number of Masters produced more than 100 people. Preparation of Master of specialty 8.09210101 - is based on the educational qualification of "bachelor". Regulatory training period is defined educational and vocational program is one academic year, which has a duration - 12 months (from September 1 to October 31 of the following calendar year) with a two-month vacation. After successful completion of training and state certification document student receives the sample of higher education and training master. Recently, the university was organized Masters training in two ways:

  • Master of Science;
  • Master of Engineering.

Individuals who have received a master's degree under the chosen direction may engage in professional, teaching or research activities in the field, defined qualifications obtained. Master of Science have priority right to continue their studies in graduate school.

At the department of industrial and civil construction trains graduate students. Over the years the department prepared and protected 30 master's and doctoral theses 4. Prepared 8 candidates for foreign countries.

If the department is a great research work.

Over the past 5 years, the department produced two books, 4 textbooks, 5 monographs.

All disciplines, including trains, equipped with the basic regulations of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine regulating the learning process.

Over the years based on the department and have developed research areas, a series of special courses aimed at enhancing professional skills and knowledge a considerable enhancement of the special courses in building structures, as well as the formation of specific skills of the Master in "Industrial and civil construction."

Teaching subjects of the curriculum is carried out by a complex system that includes lectures, seminars and workshops, individual tasks.

Educational qualification characteristics of the graduate department of industrial and civil construction

Specialist structural engineer should know:

  • the main trends of architecture and architectural and design solutions to industrial, civil and special buildings and structures;
  • all properties of building materials and long-term use in the manufacture of building designs and finishing works;
  • methods of analysis and design of load-bearing structures of buildings;
  • the use of automated systems design structures;
  • methods for evaluating the bearing capacity of structural elements and design solutions for strengthening the main load-bearing structures of buildings;
  • how to perform work on strengthening structures in the reconstruction and restoration of buildings and structures;
  • methods for the construction of new buildings;
  • rules for the construction and installation work in compliance with all requirements of the regulations, safety requirements and environmental protection;
  • methods of investment, economic and technical study of organizations and construction management.

Specialist structural engineer should be able to:

  • perform the architectural design of buildings and structures of modern types of structures;
  • perform calculations and design of structures for new buildings, as well as the reconstruction and reinforcement;
  • be able to use computer technology, network;
  • use instruments and equipment to determine the properties of building materials and the stress- strain state of structures;
  • carry out an assessment of efficiency of construction, methods of mechanization and automation of construction and special operations;
  • organize the construction and installation process on a construction site in compliance with the technologies and safety and the environment;
  • carry out inspection of construction and installation, decoration and special works in accordance with the regulations;
  • carry out high-level leadership training and education team of workers (students, etc.), appropriate department, headed by a specialist structural engineer.

Graduates of the department are working on different enterprises, including private companies, government institutions, educational institutions, are the founders and directors of enterprises.

It should be noted that the curriculum for professionals in the field of industrial and civil construction on the list of disciplines coincide with the standard curriculum. Therefore, the statistics department, almost all graduates work is on building companies. The acquired knowledge of calculation and design, of the skills of working with CAD software complexes are important and significant in the eyes of today's employers in every field of construction.

Historical Information

Chair graduation Industrial and Civil Engineering was established in 1975. Its founder and leader was Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor M. F. Drukovanyy. In 1980 it was separated from the Department of Building Structures, headed by Candidate of Technical Sciences, Professor, Honored Builder of Ukraine V. D. Sverdlov.

In 2001, the Department again were merged into one producing department, known as the Department of Industrial and Civil Engineering - Head Sverdlov V. D. At the end of 2002 due to the opening on the faculty of a new specialty 7.060103 "Municipal Construction and Economy" from the Department Chair of ICB was separated planning and architecture that began to graduate to a new specialty. It was headed by Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor I. N. Dudar.

In 2006 the department was headed by Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, A. S. Morhun.

Preparation of the Department of PCB has since 1974, and in 1979 trains specialists for foreign countries. Training is conducted by full-time and distance learning. Since 1994, the Department provides training in two-tier system: bachelor, master. By this time it was prepared and issued over 4000 professionals for our state and for 210 foreign countries.