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Relations of production, design, research organizations and institutions of different ownership

Session constantly expanding ties with production, design, research organizations and institutions of different ownership, in which work and are graduates of the specialty 192 - "Building and civil engineering" specialization "Industrial and civil construction".

In terms of the production section of ICE cooperates with the Vinnitsa Construction and Installation Management 3, as well as the number of units of the Kiev holding company builders. In scientific terms, is working with the Research Institute of Building Structures (Kyiv) on improvement of concrete structures, operated and Ukrainian Research and Design Institute of Steel Construction named. V. M. Szymanowski to improve spatial metal structures.

In methodological terms ASG Section collaborates with universities of Ukraine (Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture, Donetsk State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Poltava National University named after Yuri Kondratyuk, Odessa State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Poltava National Technical University).

Section and Research Laboratory of effective structures cooperate with foreign and domestic companies engaged in the implementation of the practice of science in the field of new building technologies. Such relationships are with companies:

  1. Company “Sika” (Switzerland) production of additives for concrete and special products.
  2. Laboratory safety of buildings and structures research institute structures (Kyiv).
  3. Department of reinforced concrete structures of the Kiev National Academy of Construction and Architecture.
  4. Department of Building Structures, roads and bridges National University "Lviv Polytechnic".
  5. "Diprodor" Kyiv, Department of bridge structures.
  6. Official representative “German Duldinq Technologic GmbH” in Ukraine Joint-Stock Company "Evroprombudservis" Odessa.
  7. Industrial and Financial Company "Ukrindustriya", Dnipropetrovsk, a spokesman for the company Raven Living System, USA.
  8. Ltd. "Integrated vnedrenye vektornыh technologies" in Kyiv, a spokesman for the company Zinqa Metal (Belgium).
  9. International Conference heldat the university of Dundee, Scjtland UK, 2002.
  10. Department of the building mechanics Voronezh Architectural and Construction Academy

Chair of ICE maintains contacts with similar session of higher educational institutions of Ukraine, Russia, Poland towards educational programs, research development, implementation and defense of dissertations.